Why Prevention is the Best Bed Bug Treatment Chicago

When it comes to bed bug treatment Chicago residents know that prevention is the key. If you can prevent the bed bugs from ever becoming a problem, then you are ahead of the rest! Bed bugs have been on the rise over the past decade, and it seems that they are really trying to take over beds all across the world. Here are a few tips that will help you when it comes to preventing these pesky mites! And remember these tips come straight from the pro’s at local companies such as Platinum Pest Solutions so they know what there are talking about, so trust what they say it may keep you bed bug free in the future.

Get a Bed Bug Inspection
First, you need to start by getting a bed bug inspection. There really is no need in trying to prevent the bed bugs if they have already set up camp at your house! Sometimes, you can see signs of them- including dark blood spots on the bed, scurrying of the mites, and shedding from the mites. The key is to remember that these signs are usually not visible until you have a full fledged infestation. Once you have a full fledged infestation you only have a couple ways to eliminate the bugs for good, such as a heart treatment but since the equipment is not really sold in stores your at the mercy of the pro’s. Which may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Inspect All Used Furniture and Other Items
When you buy used furniture, bedding, stuffed toys, or other soft items, you need to make sure that you inspect them before bringing them in to your home. Believe it or not, it is really common for people to bring in these pests from the outside without even realizing it. Also, remember to check suitcases and luggage when you travel to ensure that you aren’t bringing home any unwelcome guests. You can find the remains of them and vacuum them don’t try to hand remove these things if you see them, some of them can get quite large in comparison to the non feed ones. So vacuuming them is a great way to get out the bed bugs.

De-Clutter Your Room
Bed bugs love clutter, because they need to have a place that they can hide. It may prove beneficial to de-clutter your room so that they don’t have anywhere to hide. So, when it comes to bed bug treatment Chicago residents may just need to start by simply getting rid of some of their clutter! If all else fails, and you find yourself with a bed bug problem, you can rely on the experts at Platinum Pest Solutions to help you get rid of them quickly!